SMECIO :: Visionary I.T. leadership and effective I.T. management  

Who We Are

SMECIO provides strategic I.T. consulting services to organizations looking to increase productivity and reduce costs through the use of proven technologies. SMECIO's target markets are small and medium organizations, and divisions/departments of large corporations.

What We Offer

Retained-CIO: At SMECIO, we allow growing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to afford visionary I.T. leadership and effective I.T. management without paying an executive CIO salary.  A common scenario is for an organization to engage the services of a SMECIO Retained-CIO for 1-2 days a week for 6-12 months, with a reduced work load thereafter to keep things running smoothly. The SMECIO Retained-CIO can assist your organization in a large variety of strategic, tactical and technical issues that may include Strategic Planning, Rationalizing and Managing Your I.T. Budget, Business Process Improvement and Re-Engineering (BPI/BPR), Data Analysis, Contract and Vendor Negotiations, I.T. Security, In-House Training, Data Center Management, Network Management, Desktop Management and Disaster Recovery. The SMECIO Retained-CIO will provide advice, guidance, planning and execution strategies for projects requiring business experience and technical know-how.

How We Differ

SMECIO's business methodology differs from most IT consulting companies. We do not focus on technology and then try and find customers whose businesses could benefit from the technology. We focus on the business first, and find the right technology that best fits the client's needs.

Our business procedure is simple. We carry out a requirements review to ascertain what business conditions are driving the needs of the project. We then assess the organization's short and long term goals, objectives and requirements, from which we develop a project plan. The project plan determines the actual scope of the project and the costs associated with the proposed plan. The scope outlines what technology will be used, the appropriate personnel needed to complete the project, and an implementation plan with a realistic timeline to assure the project is completed on time and on budget.

How We Do It

Its fairly simple and it all boils down to three important factors that sets the SMECIO Retained-CIO service aside from the rest.

  1. The Balance of Three Fundamentals
    With the SMECIO Retained-CIO service, you will get a service headed by an individual whose immediate concern is to generate a unique balance between the areas of Business, I.T. and Finance a.k.a the BUDGET.
  2. Technology Balance
    In today's ever changing I.T. world, one needs to be conversant in multiple technologies to harness the best for the business in question. Here at SMECIO, technology is broadly classified as Traditional Proprietary Technology (i.e. Microsoft operating system and other copyright software) and  Open Source Technology (i.e. Linux operating system and other copyLEFT software). The SMECIO Retained-CIO service is well-positioned to take advantage of each of these technology classifications as well-versed and well-experienced subject matter experts.
  3. Balance of the Management and I.T. Team
    As part of the executive management team, the SMECIO Retained-CIO plays another important role in his ability to perform as a bridge between the executive management and the existing I.T. team. As this bridge, the SMECIO Retained-CIO must bring significant value to both parties, managing a typical high-tension relationship for the best of the business.

Exploratory Meeting

If your business is looking for Visionary I.T. Leadership and Effective I.T. Management without paying an executive CIO salary, remember SMECIO-Retained CIO and contact us for a non-obligatory exploratory meeting today!