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With over a decade of experience in the Business Information Technology industry, Roy Ong leads SMECIO with the vision of providing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with affordable visionary I.T. leadership and effective I.T. management. Roy recognized the need for I.T. services in the SME market space as most have limited I.T. staff and yet their livelihood is dependent on quick turnarounds and a high level of customer service. With the fast pace changes in technology and increased expectations from their clients, these organizations desperately need I.T. assistance. The dilemma the SME’s face is that large I.T. consulting firms tend to focus solely on larger clients, while most of the smaller I.T. companies do not have experience in mission critical projects nor do they have the business acumen to bridge the divide. Roy established SMECIO to provide quality I.T. consulting services to SMEs that are looking to leverage cost effective technology to streamline their operations and increase their revenues. Roy has led numerous I.T. assignments, successfully harnessing the benefits of both proprietary and open-source technologies for the strategic success of his clients. It's the uncanny way in which Roy provides a bridge between management and the technical team that sets him and SMECIO aside.