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The SMECIO Difference

As the SMECIO team were debating as how to properly define the SMECIO service, it became clear that a possible way to distinguish the service is talk about the differences of the Retained-CIO service from the rest of the outsourced, insourced, full-time, contract, temporary CIOs that you might find.

Essentially, the most significant difference is in the scale of which the Retained-CIO service carries out its business.

For example, a full-time or contract CIO typically works for a larger organization and reports to work over a fixed period of time i.e. 50/60 hours a week, but unfortunately he also adds to the bottom line of an expanded monthly payroll. Additionally, a temporary CIO is needed when these full-time or contract CIOs leaves or becomes temporarily unavailable, or when a significantly sized project needs to be closely managed for a short duration of time and the current full-time CIO already has his hands full.

A SMECIO Retained-CIO, strives on a long/short-term arrangement and is best suited for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that have yet to establish they own full-time need for a CIO on an executive salary. 

"The value of his role in the conversion/implementation cannot be overstated. Roy claims uniqueness by offering a "whatever it takes" attitude and he demonstrated this with his work ethics daily."