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The SMECIO Retained-CIO Leadership

The SMECIO Retained-CIO service is lead Roy Ong, as part of the Business I.T. Advisory division of RMR Solutions Pte Ltd. Roy will lead each client engagement and will be assisted by the team from SMECIO as required.

The following is a summary introduction of Roy as presented to the cohort at his recent speaking event.

Roy Ong
Director (Business I.T. Advisory)
"With over a decade of experience in the Business Information Technology industry, Roy has led numerous I.T. assignments - successfully harnessing the benefits of both proprietary and open-source technologies for the strategic success of his clients. It's the uncanny way in which Roy provides a bridge between management and the technical team that sets him aside."

A full detailed personal profile citing Roy's experiences and credentials can be found at the "About Us" page, accessable by the menu bar located at the top-left portion of this page or by simply clicking here