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The SMECIO Retained-CIO Methodology

SMECIO Retained-CIO services are specifically tailored to the business goals of each organization. In each client engagement, we generically follow a four step process that has brought many clients continued success:

  1. Fact-Finding and Information Gathering
    Working closely with the CEO and the executive management during the initial stage of the engagement to gain a deeper understanding of the organization's business goals, strategic plan and its industry competitive position.
  2. Evaluation and Analysis
    Using the information and facts gathered, an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization is carried out using an I.T. perspective, actively relating the I.T. needs of the organization to its business goals and underlying strategic plan.
  3. Planning and Goal Setting
    Together with the CEO and the executive management, a recommended road map is presented with reference to the prior evaluation and analysis and shall include specific milestones and achievements as required.
  4. Deployment Management and Review
    Actual deployment of the road map is carried out by internal/external parties with significant management as required. Upon deployment completion, an active review is presented. 
"... helped us tremendously while our IS Department was going through an organizational change ... provided excellent service to our Customer Relations and Accounting Departments and also made many scheduling adjustments to accommodate our needs."